Black and White Backgrounds


Indeed, there is nothing more classic than the combination of black and white. These two colors, although plain and simple, black and white backgrounds can evoke a strong message, feeling, and emotion.

In visual arts, black and white has been used for a variety of things. And although technology has given us colored picture, the classic black and white background still remains widely used and very popular.

Black And White Backgrounds

To learn more about this, here are some interesting facts about black and white:

  • During the early days, movies and animations were mostly done in black and white. Technology however, allowed the gradual shift of black and white films of the 30s to the colored movies of the 60s.
  • Long before the birth of high resolution digital camera, photographs were then in black in white. In fact, colored photographs at that time were very rare and expensive. Today however, black and white are now used by photographers solely for artistic purposes.
  • Up until the late 70s, newspapers were all printed in black and white. Color was slowly introduced to this industry during the 80s.
  • Japanese comics, also referred to as manga, are typically printed in black and white.
  • Black and white today is primarily used for artistic purposes. This color combination evokes a nostalgic and historic appeal.