For many people, color is equivalent to life and beauty. That is why many artists prefer using crisp and loud shades of colors to convey their work’s emotion and message.

But did you know that a work of art can still be considered beautiful without the presence of color?

Black and white are considered as a monochromatic color that communicates timelessness, nostalgia, class, and sophistication. This color combination is commonly used by different artists because of its strong beauty and simplicity.


One example of this is black and white abstract. Black and white abstract is a type of visual language that mainly utilizes black and white as its main color.

To learn more about this, here are some interesting info about black and white abstract:

  • Black and white abstract basically uses different patterns and textures to form a piece of art. The combination of black and white emphasizes the strong strokes and patterns.
  • Many refer to this art as “avant-garde”.
  • Black and white abstract is a greart form of art that can be used to expresses very powerful emotion. The monochromatic shade combined with strong and distorted patterns creates a very powerful piece of art.
  • Black and white abstract is a very popular desktop background that expresses both simplicity and strength.