From movie and television up to print and computers—- indeed, technology has made our life more colorful. But although high resolution color is the most popular thing today, more and more people are still using black and white.

Black and white art is also one of the most popular desktop background today. In fact, a number of people use this monochrome art for their desktop. With its classic and sophisticated look, black and white desktop color gives the computer more personality and character.

To learn more about this, here are some interesting tips and info about black and white desktop background:

  • There are numerous black and white desktop designs that you can choose from online. Depending on your taste, black and white background ranges from 30s inspired to a modern pattern or design. You can find them by simply visiting different photo sites or via the search engine.
  • You can download black and white desktop designs online. You simply have to find the design of your choice and then use it for your desktop.
  • You can also create your very own black and white desktop background. You simply have to use photo editing software. Change it by using black and white application.